Refund Policy

Satisfied customers are WP Site Buddy most valuable asset. We always strive to do our best to satisfy our customers. However, this refund policy is to help the customers to join WP Site Buddy without any hesitations and to make sure that if they don’t like a support service they still get their money back.

Maintenance Plan Refund Policy

All the maintenance plan in WP Site Buddy are monthly renewable plans. The plan will automatically renew each month on the date you have started the maintenance plan.

As a customer of WP Site Buddy, you can cancel or upgrade your plan whenever you want. 30 days refund guarantee is valid for the first month of your WP Site Buddy membership. After the first 30 days if you wish to ask for a refund in the maintenance plan make sure you ask it within 10 days from the bill generated date and your money will be refunded to you.

Theme Setup Plan Refund Policy

All the theme setup plan is for per website only and the privilege of 30-days refund policy is for the first month of your WP Site Buddy membership. If you are asking for a refund after your first 30 day membership period, please make sure you ask for it before our experts starting to take the second task in your theme setup plan job and you will be getting your refund back. But don’t worry you will be notified each time when each task is opened and completed by our experts.

If you completely don’t like our work with your website we will refund entire amount to you back by resetting your website to its previous condition. (the condition of your website while you are asking for a support)

Support Services / One time fix Refund Policy

In order to make any WordPress fix in WP Site Buddy, you need to buy the Support Credits needed for that job.

If you ordered for a support service, you can cancel it at any time before an expert takes your job. The support credits you paid will be added to your account back. The support credit you bought has lifetime validity and will be there in your account you can use this for any WordPress issue fixes and whenever you want.

We always wanted a 100% customer satisfaction. In WP Site Buddy you pay only for your needs not above that. Even in that if you have a genuinely acceptable reason for the refund you can start filling you refund form, you will get 100% of your money back.

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